Classes taught in English

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Hunter Gates, Acting, Monday 19.45-21.45 (GMT+2)
Mihaela M. Mihut, Acting, Thursday 19.45-21.45 (GMT+2)

Each class meets once per week for two hours.
Registration annual fee: 40 euros The cost of each class for the whole term is 192 euros
To register, send us a message at and we will be happy to inform you on how to join!

International Festival of Making Theater

Every year (since 2005) the Theater of Changes organizes the International Festival of Making Theater (In.F.o.Ma.T.)
Press here to see the invitation for participants and the program of our next festival
that will be held at our premises on July 1st – 6th 2024
For more information on the previous festivals press here

General information

  • Fall Term (12 weeks): October - December
  • Winter Term (12 weeks): January - March
  • Spring Term (12 weeks): April - June
  • Summer School (12 weeks): July - September
  • In.F.o.Ma.T. : Early July
  • Festival of acting groups : Late March
  • Classes are held 15.15 - 21.45 on weekdays, 13.00 - 19.30 on Saturdays and 13.00-17.30 on Sundays.
  • There are five fully equipped halls (A, B, C, D, E).
  • Each class meets once a week (2 hrs).   
Each student has the right to choose the class that suits them best, choosing as many classes as they want according to their needs, preference and available time. As the student has the right to choose their teacher, the teacher may also set their own conditions of participation in the class. Thus, certain classes can be attended by all, while others might require elementary theatrical experience and so on.
There is no specific time limit for the completion of training.
ACTING GROUPS we strongly recommend that students participate in 'acting groups' created by themselves. This participation is taken under consideration when a student is about to obtain the Certificate of the Theatre of Changes or the scholarships given by the School.
AUDITORS / OBSERVING CLASSES We strongly suggest that you audit classes before registering in order to get familiar with the class. Auditing is permitted in all classes once per term. Auditing costs 8 Euros for each 2hour class. Anyone who has been registered at the School can be an auditor.
CERTIFICATE The certificate of the Theater of Changes (ToC) can be obtained upon successful completion of: a) 60 different classes (25 acting, 12 voice, 12 movement and 11 optional ones) and b) the final exams.
KEY STUDENTS-ASSISTANTS In each class there is one key-student who is not charged for the lesson, but in return offers his/her services to the tutor (camera, photocopies, presences / absences, etc.) Someone has the right to become a key-student, once they have already registered on three courses and a vacancy occurs.
Some students might be needed as part-time assistants so that the School can function effectively. In return, they enroll, free of charge, in one or more courses, provided that they act as key-students.
PRESENCES / ABSENCES At the end of each term, (but no later than two months after this) all students may obtain certificates, confirming their attendance at the course(s) in which they have enrolled. The certificate will state the level of cooperation between student and teacher, such as ‘Very Good’, ‘Good’ ‘Average’ or ‘Poor’. ‘Certificates will be awarded to everyone who has attended at least 8 lessons of the course (during the term). Note is taken of absences and presences at the beginning of each session and confirmed at the end. Students who arrive late may be permitted to attend if the teacher allows, but their absence at the start of the session will remain on record. A similar record will be kept of those who leave before the end of the class.
SCHOLARSHIPS ToC offers one scholarship annually in support of a student who wishes to continue their studies abroad. The faculty will select this student from those who have been awarded the Certificate of the Theatre of Changes. ToC also enables five students per term to attend one class of their preference free of charge, offering them a mini scholarship. The "Vangelis Giakoumakis" scholarship is offered at every term to a qualified student. The "Andreas Voutsinas" scholarship is offered every year to a student that attends a full 3 year program. For more information about the required qualifications please contact the administration office.
SUBSTITUTIONS The teachers are performing artists who gain their livelihood from the theater, not from teaching. Their work is actually an offer to the students, a concession to them, which is why we are able to provide classes at minimal rates (8 EURO per hour). Every effort is made to keep substitutions to a minimum, but on those occasions when the teacher is tied up, the students will be taught, for as long as needed, by another qualified member drawn from the faculty.
The Head Office of the Theatre of Changes reserves the right to exclude without compensation or advance notice any person who impairs the order of a particular class or the effective running of the school as a whole.
The administration office is open on weekdays 15.00 - 22.00, Saturdays 13.00-19.30 and Sundays 13.00-17.30.